Thursday, 13 March 2014



Well here's another update on what i did so far, 
this week has been a rather crazy week, alot of things went down, felt really sad for a while, but i managed to pick myself back up XD 

Cry Face
Well like I said, this is a mood painting 
I was feeling really sad and 
I just had to jot this sadness down. 
Also i don't have much realistic renders so here's one take of it.

Fan Art
well this is something i am planning to sell at 
a local convention.
This is Ryuko and Mako from Kill La Kill
a new hit anime series.

all designs here done by Lauren
all rights reserved ®

Tuesday, 11 March 2014

My First Lyric Video

so this is a video I worked on for the company I worked in, 
I did the character animations for the dancing sticker
and the roar stickers. 

Video Put together by Mozat Pte Ltd 
all works and designs are by artist of the Company 
all rights reserved ®


Hello once again, 

I haven't updated you guys on my recent works, so here they are. 

something I worked on for the St. Johns Ambulance (Singapore)

Just a personal sketch, mostly inspired by frozen.

A render of how I picture my online Avatar to be like XD
in my style.

Something i did during a live demo in a convention.

All Designs are done by Lauren
All rights reserved®

Fan Arts

HELLO Friends :D,

Well i just wanted to share some of my recent fan arts with ya'll XD. 

Annie - League Of Legends

Sam Manson - Danny Phantom

Anna - Frozen 

all Designs here are done by Lauren 
all rights reserved®