Thursday, 30 May 2013

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What's shaking you guys ;D

well it has been a tiring week, as my graduation draws neigh. So much to rush, so much work to do. Haven't updated this blog in FOREVERRRR. haha, the only time i am finally free is the wee hours of the morning which is not really too good, but enough about me, and on to my new character design. So i am coming up with a new story idea of my own and here are a few pictures of one of the characters i managed to find time to establish.

Kells the collector 
 This is Kells, her character is set in a post apocalyptic time. She roams the ruins of Sydney, Australia with 3 other survivors living in her area. In this era, humans are starting their lives all over again, it's back to ground zero where you fight to live and build alliences with other survivors. Sounds like a pretty cold place aye.
                                                                  Designed by Lauren
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