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this week has been a really hectic one, 
but here's the updates:
1. Arthur Fong and Tom Zhao's Masterclass as well as art workshop

It was a brilliant master class, i learnt many many things from these guys, Tom Zhao is from Blur Studios and he has worked on many commercial designs as well as Tv advert stuff and Arthur is from DreamWorks Animation Studio, he has worked on the art of The Croods as well as Rise of The Guardians. There were also people from the industry that came down to attend this Masterclass too and i also learnt a lot from them. 

Tom on the left and Arthur on the right

So for the Work Shop part of this we have to design a Character as well as an Environment (the space that the character lives in) and we are to submit this by Sunday. So here's some work in progress. 

Zombie Hunter

The story behind Dahlia is a Tragic one 

Dahlia's family and her goes on a camping trip in the woods 
and they stayed in the woods for about 2 days, on the 3rd 
day they decided to go for a hike as well as hunting for 

As they were hunting they heard wheezing and coughing 
nearby and so naturally they went to where the sound was 
coming from and found out it was a person seemingly in 
need of help.

Her father cautiously approach the stranger asking with 
concern if he was ok when suddenly the stranger turned 
around and hissed at them. His eyes pearl white and his skin 
a pale shade of purple, they knew he had died a long time 
ago, but now the undead was aware of their presence and is 
also very hungry.
The undead started clawing at the family of 4, the dad being 
the alpha male tries to protect his family from danger but 
ends up getting torn to bits. The 3 other family members ran 
in different directions and Dahlia was seperated from her 
sister and mother. Exhausted and scared, Dahlia found 
herself back in her trailer. So she quickly ran in and locked 
the doors and closed all the windows in hope that the 
zombies won't find her.
She lived in that trailer for about a few months still in search 
for her mother and her sister. She grew tougher as time went 
She learnt how to hunt and protect herself, she made sure of 
security by installing many locks and latches on the trailer 
door as well as doing some patching up of the trailer door as 
it wore off due to the zombies clawing at the door trying to 
get to her.

Line work for Dahlia's Trailer

2. My Fan art for Bee and Puppycat 

great short animation, you guys should all check it out, the art for this is done by the same person who did the story boards for Adventure Time with Fiona and Cake, as well as the comic artist for the Fiona and Cake Comics. This is her own short and i really can't wait for part 2 

My fan art for Bee+Puppycat

So that was my week for you guys as well as a bit of an art update i guess? 
It's ciao time, till my next update 

Lauren ~ <3 

Designs By Lauren
all rights reserved®

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